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Want to play?

If you are interested in playing with LoHi, you can find contacts here. Also registration to LoHi websites is available to everyone. Registered members get the access to the discussion forum, are able to register to trainings and see who else is coming. Trainings are open to all from rookies to advanced players, men and women. We play all together! What you need is a sportswear, indoor shoes during winter season and cleats when playing outdoors. Please see LoHi's training schedule at Registration.

Training schedule for 2014-15 Indoor season

We practise on Sundays at Kartanonkoski school in Vantaa at 17-18:30 and on Wednesdays (until 3rd of April) at Sotunki school at 20:00.

Note! Trainings are held exceptionally at Pallas school in Länsimäki on following days: 24.9., 22.10., 5.11. and 3.12. due to matriculation exams at Sotunki school.