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Ultimate Vantaa 2015 en

Ultimate Vantaa tournament 2015 8th of August at Tikkurilan Urheilupuisto, Vantaa.

Welcome to outdoor tournament! This year we have two fields in our use: one artificial grass field and one natural grass field.  This year's tournament is played with 10 teams. We will take 8 guest teams plus one pick-up team. Up to 14 pick-up players are welcome.

Team format are open but women are most welcome to join!

Games take 40 minutes and are played 7 vs 7. All teams will have 4-6 games. The tournament format is power pool, in which 6 teams will start in power pool and 4 teams in a lower pool. In this format more competitive teams will play against each other and teams with less experience will play together. This way we try to avoid games that are too uneven. All teams have a chance to win the tournament regardless of the starting pool. Only the winner will be rewarded.

Timetable will be published later but the estimated duration is 9-18.00.

The fee is 90 euros per team or 12 euros for each player in pick-up team.

Enrollment: lohiry (at) gmail.com. Tell your team name and your wish for the starting pool (power of fun). For pick-up players name is enough.

More information will come to these pages but you can also follow us on twitter: @LoHiRy, #UltimateVantaa2015.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loputon.hiki