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Membership and fees

Loputon Hiki bank connection

LoHi bank account to which all fees are paid is:   Loputon Hiki FI78 8000 2250 2630 75
Mention in the message field what you are paying, thank you!

Membership fee

Membership fee for season 2015 is 5 euros. Paying the membership fee you become a club member and will be entitled to e.g. to vote at the Annual Meeting for the Sports Club. Also possible sponsorhips for tournaments etc. applies on to club members.

Participation in the official games (e.g. Winter Series) in LoHi's Team requires a club membership.


Fees for Autumn Season 2015

During the autumn season 2015 LoHi has two indoor trainings on Wednesday and Sunday.

Participation only for Wednesday's training, fee is 20 euros.
Participation only for Sundays's training, fee is 20 euros.

If taking both shifts, the total fee is 35 euros.

We have no one-time fee in use.

If you want to come and try the sport, the first visit is always free of fees for new players!